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Contact Info email: wildprettyanimals gmail. Sharp Objects Recent or relevant cultural artifacts we want to share or comment on.

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Her Smell Review. This was recorded weeks ago, so some of the things we discuss are dated. Wind Gap Gazette News, updates, etc. We read Apple reviews; if you post about us on social media, use the hashtags wildprettythings and podcast. We recommend a podcast. Physical releases in May.

Digital available for pre-order. Avengers Endgame Reaction Special. We discuss our history with comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe before really getting into some on-brand thoughts about Avengers Endgame. Then we talk about our hopes and dreams for the future of the MCU. Warning: SJW content, haters.

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General warning for details about Sharp Objects and possibly Gone Girl. Also covered Widows. The Killing Season 1 Episodes 5 - End of Sentence. Oscar winning documentary short on Netflix.

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Now, we can be friends. Hanna Tip Us! Let us know if you find it! Destroyer starring Nicole Kidman.

The joke is too obvious. Contact email: wildprettyanimals gmail. WPT Reviews Annihilation is available on Hulu in the US Yo! We review Widows, a movie about gender roles, fidelity, gun violence, power and sex, domestic abuse, race relations and policing, urban economics and politics, immigration, mourning, religion, toxic masculinity, modern art, and home security design?

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It's also a heist film. This podcasts uses adult language and sometimes addresses socio-political topics that some listeners may find annoying. VeronicaLiam Neeson Harry RawlingsJon Bernthal FlorekManuel Garcia-Rulfo CarlosCoburn Goss Jimmy NunnMichelle Rodriguez LindaAlejandro Verdin XavyBailey Rhyse Walters Gracie as Bailey Walters Elizabeth Debicki AliceCarrie Coon AmandaRobert Duvall Tom MulliganColin Farrell So to be sure.

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