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The bass and lead guitar ascend and descend with a riff derived from the D minor scale. This would function, throughout the song, as a transition to the main theme. The main theme repeats with Lennon singing "She's so heavy" , with a long sustain on the last word. The second set of verses are rendered instrumentally with lead guitar.

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Another repeat of the "She's So Heavy" theme this time featuring harmonies is followed by Lennon singing a livelier repeat of the "I Want You" verse. The song's coda consists of a three-minute repetition of the "She's So Heavy" theme, with the arpeggios double tracked , intensifying with "white noise" fading in as the theme continues; this consists of multi-tracked guitars from Lennon and Harrison, Moog white-noise from Lennon, and drums and bass from Starr and McCartney respectively.

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In the middle of the fifteenth repetition of the theme, the song abruptly ends. Lennon played the lead guitar, as George Harrison stated:. It's very heavy. John plays lead guitar and sings the same as he plays. It's really basically a bit like a blues. The riff that he sings and plays is really a very basic blues-type thing.

But again, it's very original sort of John-type song. Lennon and Harrison overdubbed multi-tracked heavy guitars on 18 April Three takes from 22 February were edited into a master second generation , which was overdubbed, mixed down on 18 April third generation , and overdubbed on 18 April, 20 April, 8 August and 11 August.

Different overdubs were made to the second generation tape on 8 August. The mix is the third generation for and then the second generation tape, which has white noise produced by the Moog synthesizer played by Lennon and additional drums added on 8 August.

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The final overdub session for "I Want You She's So Heavy ", which included the final mixing and editing, was the last time all four Beatles worked in the studio together. The final master lasted , but Lennon decided on a surprise ending. During the final edit with the guitars, drums and white noise climaxing endlessly, he told recording engineer Geoff Emerick to "cut it right there" at the mark, bringing the song and Side 1 of Abbey Road to an abrupt end. The abrupt ending of the original is retained, but it cuts to wind-like white noise, not to silence as on the original.

Josh Hart and Damian Fanelli, writing for Guitar World , placed the song 34th in their list of the 50 Heaviest Songs Before Black Sabbath , and called the song a "bluesy rocker" that "might have inadvertently started doom metal. Personnel per Ian MacDonald.

Numerous bands and solo artists have covered "I Want You She's So Heavy " in the studio and live, in particular the following:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blues rock [1] [2] hard rock [3] progressive rock [1] [4]. Saturday Review. Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

https://blonulnolomak.ml Rolling Stone. Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 27 July Ottawa Beatles Site. Retrieved 8 October Mental Floss. Entertainment Weekly.

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Retrieved 25 July Edit Wiki. When the wind blows through your hair I want you so bad, want you so bad I see your smile boy everywhere I want you so bad, want you so bad I never thought this could happen to me If I've fallen over you Would it be so bad, would it be so bad Every night's an eternity I want you so bad, want you so bad I never thought this could happen to me I want you so bad, bad When the wind blows through your hair I want you so bad, want you so bad Oh I wonder if you're aware I want you so bad I wonder if you care I never thought this would happen to me I want you so bad, bad I want you so bad I want you so bad I want you so bad Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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