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Never believe something merely because it is convenient. Normal education is designed to reduce spontaneity and make things orderly and understood. People insist on categorizing and selecting. We are always choosing the best, the top, the most, the biggest, the smallest. Is this necessary? When you write and write and write and edit and edit and edit, you become so constrained that you lose flow.

On the perils of intelligence: I accepted the idea that my intelligence was the most important part of me. I tried to be clever in everything I did. In the end, I was reluctant to attempt anything for fear of failure. My first thoughts never seemed good enough. Everything had to be corrected and brought into line.

My favorite part is his take on good teachers versus bad teachers. Being from the U. Which is really just a travelogue of him going to various factories and some other places. Hey, I greatly enjoyed your post on the Gervais Principle and was then delighted to read this item on Impro. Your comment about alien twins also amuses me. It strikes me that there might be some great improv games to be developed using the Gervais principle as a starting point.

Alex — That is actually a great idea. In some ways, the Gervais losers should be just as expert at status games as the sociopaths, just in their own way.

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The clueless — not so much. That certainly is a major part of the humor in The Office. Alex: Sounds like a fun idea. I know very little of improv beyond this book am idly thinking of taking a class, not for business but for actual fun… , but if you have some good GP game ideas, perhaps you could workshop them with some of your students and do a guest post for us :.

Impro by Keith Johnstone

I have no idea how to set up a detailed premise though. When Johnstone put two people on stage to act it, the scene never seemed natural. Until he understood and started to teach status. It was an amazing experience to learn about Impro. Mr Keith Johnstone , is inspiring me to xplore my boundaries of acting. The Book The book, first published in , is a collection of loosely-connected essays on various aspects of improvisational theater.

Impro by Keith Johnstone

The Book, Take Two So much for the straightforward summary of the book. Despite the apparent validity of specific insights, the field has always seemed to me intellectually disreputable and shoddy. The trick, with hindsight, is to view the ideas in the field in the context of art, not psychology. Interpersonal Relationships: I spend a good deal of time thinking about the principles of interpersonal interaction, and writing up my thoughts.

The reason Impro sheds a unique sort of light on the subject is that it describes simulations of what-if scenarios that would never happen in real life, but serve to validate theories that do apply to real-life situations. There is no better way to recognize the stupidity of game playing than to act out or at least think out game scripts in exaggerated forms.

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February 17, at am. Nick Brown says. June 16, at am. The result is both an ideas book and a fascinating exploration of the nature of spontaneous creativity. A great book that hasn't dated. It has great improvisation games and the author is the real inventor of theatresports when he went to live in Vancouver. The mask stuff is still a great introduction to mask work and the devising theatre descriptions are still priceless. I found tons of interesting and useful information in this book not only about improv and acting, but social situations and interacting with others.