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Barchester Towers , novel by Anthony Trollope , published in three volumes in Set in Barchester, a cathedral town in the west of England, the novel opens with the political appointment of Dr.

Proudie as the new bishop of Barchester. This event sets up the main conflict of the novel—the traditional represented by the High Church forces, led by Archdeacon Grantly versus the new represented by the Low Church newcomers, led by Mrs. Obadiah Slope. Barchester Towers. Info Print Cite.

Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. This article was most recently revised and updated by Kathleen Kuiper , Senior Editor. The Warden had been a short, one-volume work: intended, initially, as a one-off. So too was the original idea for Barchester Towers modest. Anthony Trollope's 'Barsetshire novels' comprised six works in total; as its title suggests, The Last Chronicle of Barset was the final instalment in the series, published in Usage terms Public Domain.

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If readers know nothing else about Trollope, they know he got up early in the morning to write his novels, before going off to work in the Post Office. He would draw up calendars, projecting how long the novel would take him, and record, daily, how many words he wrote.

His work rate was words every 15 minutes. He was, at the period he wrote Barchester Towers , a rising man in the Post Office then a branch of the Civil Service. He, along with his superior, Rowland Hill, was instrumental in the innovation of the penny post - something that revolutionized communication in Britain. Trollope is personally credited with introducing the pillar box into Britain.

This letter, written on 25 November at the beginning of the decade in which Trollope began the Barchester series, concerns the novelist's application for a new position as Superintendent of Mail Coaches. Created in , the Penny Black postage stamp revolutionised communication in Britain, making it far cheaper to send post. As a civil servant, Trollope was interested in institutional power structures. Not what they contained, ideologically, theologically, or politically but how they work.

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Their role is to keep the machine running. Trollope was interested in the machine, not where it was running to. Barchester Towers is not one of them. But his grief is contaminated by ambition.

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If his father dies quickly, the son will inherit the bishopric. If the old man lingers for too many hours, there will be a change of government and the new administration will prefer its own candidate.

Grantly is disappointed - the telegram which would appoint him is sent too late. Bishop Proudie descends on the ancient cathedral with an evangelical new broom.

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But he has a rival in the dilettante Bertie Stanhope. Bertie appears on the scene when Proudie recalls his prebendary father, Dr Stanhope, from a luxurious absentee life in Italy. A femme fatale with a mysterious past, the Signora exercises a bewitching power over men. Slope becomes entangled, and is dismissed.

Eleanor eventually marries Francis Arabin, the amiable and high-church new Dean of Barchester. One of the things which distinguishes Trollope from his fellow greats in Victorian fiction is the contemporaneity of his settings. Why is this unusual?


Barchester Towers is set firmly in the present and resonates with current affairs. Written in and published in , Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre is set in the early decades of the 19th century. Usage terms This material can only be used for research and private study purposes. If there is one word which sums up the Victorian era it is Reform. One thinks, principally, of the great Reform Acts of and , but there were many other radical reforms.

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Divorce law, for example touched on in the Madeline Vesey subplot , was liberalised in The old system of entrance by patronage was replaced by competitive examination Trollope strongly disapproved. Central to Barchester Towers are reform pressures, and opposing resistance to reform, which were causing ructions with the Anglican Church in the mids. Were the mids, it was wondered, the right time to seek some compromise with Rome or should Anglicanism go to all-out war against its old foe? Archdeacon Grantly fights for the old ways enshrined his beloved Cathedral.