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According to legend as well as some historical data, men were shanghaied in Portland from roughly to It almost sounds too bizarre and horrific to be little more than a myth or legend, but shanghaiing did take place. It was a practice that occurred in Portland as well as other locations along the West Coast. What is questioned is the means by which it was carried out in Portland, and the relationship if any between the Portland Underground and shanghai practices.

Below the city, photo courtesy Shanghai Tunnels.

The basements of many downtown bars and hotels were linked to the Willamette River waterfront through the tunnels, allowing supplies to be moved from ships docked there directly to basements for storage. Although many residents used to doubt it was true, the catacombs snaking beneath the city do in fact exist.

Since the midth century, stories have been told about shanghai practices in Portland. Not only men but women, too were warned to take care against being drugged or kidnapped and hauled off for sale.

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According to those theories, victims were either drugged, kidnapped while intoxicated or simply knocked out, then dropped or dragged into the tunnels through trapdoors called deadfalls. Once in the tunnels, they were locked in specially designed prison cells and held captive until they were shipped off as slave laborers. Entire scenarios about the practices and experiences of the shanghaied in the tunnels have been created and elaborated on over the years.

The catacombs beneath Portland do exist and the stories almost sound plausible, but is the legend true? What evidence exists to support the allegations that these tunnels were used for shanghaiing?

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Is there any evidence at all? Port Police Fire Department. Contact Us Local: Portland International Airport is owned and operated by the:.

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Native American photographers respond to Edward Curtis' images 100 years later

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'They want to put fear in your hearts'

Flight Status. Given the complicated historical path Curtis has taken towards the present, North Dakotan photographer Zig Jackson deals with the ideological complexity and history at play with perhaps the most adroit touch: an Indian photographs a tourist photographing an Indian, because who is the tourist to have the last word here? Someone waits for the bus in the Mission with a headdress full of feathers, and we wonder why this is an odd sight. And then there are the countless photos of tribesmen and tribeswomen smiling.

There are several instances out in the world where life among the Native American is much more serious than Dan Snyder clumsily dragging his feet over whether or not the Washington team should change their name.

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The Pew Charitable Trusts warns us that Native American girls have the highest rates of incarceration of any ethnic group. There is a suicide epidemic amongst the Attawapiskat First Nation. The life of indigenous women in Canada has been a horror show. And Native American tribes are getting more land back.