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Methods , 43—52 Specification of haematopoietic stem cell fate via modulation of mitochondrial activity. Reactive oxygen species act through p38 MAPK to limit the lifespan of hematopoietic stem cells.

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Cabezas-Wallscheid, N. Vitamin A—retinoic acid signaling regulates hematopoietic stem cell dormancy. Cell , — Wilson, A. Hematopoietic stem cells reversibly switch from dormancy to self-renewal during homeostasis and repair. Cell , — Huang, C. Dynamic regulation of c-Myc proto-oncogene expression during lymphocyte development revealed by a GFP-c-Myc knock-in mouse. Pols, M.

Trafficking and function of the tetraspanin CD Cell Res. Shao, X. Mammalian Numb protein antagonizes Notch by controlling postendocytic trafficking of the Notch ligand Delta-like 4. McGill, M. Numb regulates post-endocytic trafficking and degradation of Notch1.

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Ho, T. Autophagy maintains the metabolism and function of young and old stem cells. Warr, M. FOXO3A directs a protective autophagy program in haematopoietic stem cells. Katajisto, P. Asymmetric apportioning of aged mitochondria between daughter cells is required for stemness. Kimura, S. Dissection of the autophagosome maturation process by a novel reporter protein, tandem fluorescent-tagged LC3. Autophagy 3 , — Ema, H. Adult mouse hematopoietic stem cells: purification and single-cell assays. Protocols 1 , — Takano, H.

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Asymmetric division and lineage commitment at the level of hematopoietic stem cells. Rieger, M. Hematopoietic cytokines can instruct lineage choice. Bioinformatics 33 , — Download references.

We thank S. Ammersdoerfer, G. Camenisch, M. Hussherr, V. Lopes, H. Oller, C. Raithel, B. Vogel and A. Ziegler for technical support. We thank J. All authors read and commented on the final manuscript. Correspondence to Timm Schroeder. Peer review information Nature thanks Guy Sauvageau and the other, anonymous, reviewer s for their contribution to the peer review of this work.

POI, protein of interest. A sister-cell ratio above 1. CD63—Venus shows clear asymmetric inheritance, whereas all other candidates are not clearly different from the Venus-only control.


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The number of independent experiments n and total number of analysed HSC divisions div. Symmetric and asymmetric inheritance of CD63—Venus can be observed. Fold differences between sister cells early after division are indicated. Intensity differences between daughter cells can also occur long after mitosis, and do not necessarily indicate asymmetric inheritance. The reliable classification of asymmetric inheritance requires continuous observation of single cells.

Except for the representative example of tree 1, mother-cell intensities are omitted to improve presentation. Source data. Bar charts indicate quantification of NUMB levels in sister cells, as indicated. Differences between sister cells are, in general, below twofold. Low levels of NUMB expression biases towards higher sister-cell ratios.

Circles in e represent a pair of daughter cells no. Asymmetric inheritance of NUMB does not rely on differences in cell size upon division. Look, Ma, no broken wires! Similar to the property node example from above, we can wire three different object types into a single parent method. Object-orientated thinking is a powerful way to solve tough software problems, which explains why OOP is a standard feature of most modern programming languages. Look for posts covering encapsulation and polymorphism in the near future.

You are here Home Blogs Ethan Stern's blog. Mix these concepts together, give them a little stir and… BOOM! What is a class?

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Inheritance Vocabulary You will enjoy object-oriented programming more with a basic understanding of the terms. Hierarchy — A structured set of inheritance-based relationships among classes Parent — A more general class, having at least one child Child — A more specific class, descending from one parent class Ancestor — A more general class in a hierarchy; parent, grandparent, etc.

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Descendant — A more specific class in a hierarchy; child, grandchild, etc. Your LabVIEW classes can inherit a few fundamental things from an ancestor: Data — If the ancestor has data, the descendant also has it Functionality — The descendant can call functionality written into its ancestors Note that inheritance can also transfer options and obligations to descendant classes.

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Data Inheritance To visualize data inheritance, consider this snippet of a real class hierarchy showing an abstraction called Layout and its three children: TabbedLayout , ConfigurationLayout , and QuadLayout. If we reconsider this hierarchy as class private data clusters objects , it looks like this: In actuality, each child object contains its data and the data of its ancestors.

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But rest assured, children of Layout really contain the parent data and the unique child data: Inheriting Functionality In addition to data, child classes can inherit functionality. It is really helpful. Limited ownership rights Part IV.